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Friday, October 26, 2007


As I type this, I am wearing 2 shirts and a puffy coat (yes, with a fake fur collar) and a knit cap. A cold front has hit Honduras and it is chilly! The days are overcast with intermittent rains and when I leave my house in the morning to buy eggs, I can see my breath. Now I know, it’s nothing compared to what I’ll be facing when I get into Chicago in December, however, my parents’ house doesn’t have a 3 inch gap between the wall and the ceiling and their back door is an actual door, not an iron gate. Whine, whine, whine! I’ll miss it one day… in the meanwhile, for anyone who thought, ‘well, she’s in Central America’, so it must be nice & hot’, think again!

Friday, October 19, 2007

siempre está quejandose catita

A friend, for confidentiality's sake, let's call him Chris M., no, no, that's too easy, C. Matza, has complained that my blogs have become quite sentimental and has written to me, "if I wanted happy thoughts, I'd watch Sesame Street.

With the good, there's bad...that's the way life always balances out. So this one is for you Chris, the list of things I most certaintly won't miss about Honduras:

-Checking my bed nightly for mosquitos and brushing off at least 5 dead ones off my it daily.
-When the water goes out and I have no boiled water ready for drinking.
-Spiders. Everywhere.
-Not having a back door, or wall for that matter, just an iron gate. (Hello, Mr. Snake, thanks for gracing me with your presence today!)
-Burning my trash. I'm sorry Mother Earth.
-Never quite having clean clothes because I'm not an expert hand washer
-Boiling water in order to drink it.
-"Hey gringa. Marry me. You are sexy. I love your body! Teach me English!" etc.
-Not being able to send an email when I want, especially if it's time sensitive.

I could contiune but I don't want to be too negative. Sorry Chris, this is Sesame Street.

riding high

A major storm came through on monday and destroyed one part of my road and because of that, all my buses have gone on strike until the gov't decides to fix the road. But how is she sending this blog, you wonder...I didn't know about the strike until I got down to the caseta and heard the story from some campesinos. I was about to go back to my house and curse myself for waking up at 530 but along came a jalon and though I was hesitant, I got in. So did about 10 others. In the end, there were 21 people in the back of the truck. I was sitting on the back praying that 1. the door wouldn't fly open when we hit a bump and 2. that I wouldn't fall off. Going uphill sucked because all that weight went back and I could only hold on to the back with one arm since there was no room to move. But it was an adventure. The gov't will work fast on this one, I'm sure, because getting to santa rosa is a necessary part of life for campesinos.

not the sharpest tool

I had an overripe mango in my fridge. Normally, I just throw fruit right into my back yard. The mango was a fatty though and wouldn't fit through the back gate and since I was too lazy to get the key to open the back gate, I decided to throw it out the bathroom window. Yeah. So I missed and hit the bar that guards my window and the mango falls in the toilet. I'm an idiot.

Thursday, October 11, 2007

class photo

So this is my youth development group. The people I've spent the past 2 years getting to know. I have mad senior syndrome right now. September went by so slow but now October is flying and it feels as though I have more things to do in the next 5 weeks than I have in the past 2 years. But that's the way it always is...