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Friday, October 19, 2007

siempre está quejandose catita

A friend, for confidentiality's sake, let's call him Chris M., no, no, that's too easy, C. Matza, has complained that my blogs have become quite sentimental and has written to me, "if I wanted happy thoughts, I'd watch Sesame Street.

With the good, there's bad...that's the way life always balances out. So this one is for you Chris, the list of things I most certaintly won't miss about Honduras:

-Checking my bed nightly for mosquitos and brushing off at least 5 dead ones off my it daily.
-When the water goes out and I have no boiled water ready for drinking.
-Spiders. Everywhere.
-Not having a back door, or wall for that matter, just an iron gate. (Hello, Mr. Snake, thanks for gracing me with your presence today!)
-Burning my trash. I'm sorry Mother Earth.
-Never quite having clean clothes because I'm not an expert hand washer
-Boiling water in order to drink it.
-"Hey gringa. Marry me. You are sexy. I love your body! Teach me English!" etc.
-Not being able to send an email when I want, especially if it's time sensitive.

I could contiune but I don't want to be too negative. Sorry Chris, this is Sesame Street.


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