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Friday, August 17, 2007

in the house

After a delayed flight in Miami and what felt like the longest flight due to my anxiety, I arrived into Chicago at a little past midnight. Getting into Chicago was (is?) surreal. It really hasn't hit me that I'm actually in the U.S. I was exhausted last night when I got in because the airport at Miami stressed me out with the rush at customs, the delayed flight and having my alcohol confiscated at check in. But none of that matters now because I'm here. I'm actually here.

Monday, August 13, 2007


Busy as a bee. I’m trying to tie up loose ends before I go on my long awaited vacation to Chicago and it has been busy for me. It’s a good kind of busy though, it helps keep my mind off going home and my countdown. There was a two day teachers strike during the first two days of August, which messed up my schedule because my project manager was planning on coming out to observe my English classes and instead she got to come out and see nothing because all the teachers had to attend a mandatory meeting in the capital of my department.

But as soon as classes were back in session, so was I. I can’t believe how quickly the school year has slipped through my fingers. I am trying to plan out the rest of the year and realize that I only have about 7 weeks of class time left.

This month has been the start of some really cool things. To start out the month, my Peace Corps group, Honduras 7, received our invitation to our close of service (COS) conference. I know that it’s just an invitation, but it represents that our time is almost up and soon we’ll be moving on to other things that don’t involve Honduras and Peace Corps. It is also the start of form season for me, which means endless government paperwork and nights filled typing out documents proving that I did actually do something the past 2 years. But I won’t complain because it means that my service is almost over come November or December! Of course the big news would be that I am going home for a sweet 2 weeks starting August 16th and that brings such a smile to my face. And there are the little things that have made me happy lately, like hugs from Brayan, boston cream pie at Weekend’s in Santa Rosa, calls to the U.S. only costing 1.95 lempiras from my cell phone, bananas 8 for 1 lempira and free rides into Santa Rosa.

So I’m spreading that happiness to you in hopes that it is contagious!