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Thursday, December 14, 2006

just kickin' it

My house has been more of a drop off point the past month than an actual home. I’ve been traveling among San Ramón, Santa Rosa, San Marcos, San Pedro Sula and Tegucigalpa. There were times when I came to San Ramón for an afternoon simply to do laundry, burn trash, say hello to my locos and leave the next morning. Needless to say, my house was a mess. Papers and manuals everywhere and just a general disorganization.

This week has been good because there is no school, coffee season is in full force and the holidays are here, so there is little work right now. I’ve spent my days doing tons of laundry, reorganizing the house, visiting neighbors, listening to music, chillin’ with my kids and just relaxing. It’s nice.

It’s funny because there were times during the school year when I felt as though I wasn’t doing much work, but now that it is out, I really know what light work feels like. It is different than last year though because time is moving quickly. Most of January is filled with plans and school will start again late in February. I remember this time last year I was making clothesline with dental floss and re-reading the same Newsweeks to pass the time…now I have a list of books and magazines that I would like read, classes to plan for next year, Christmas parties to attend…it’s nice to know that things can change in a year and it’s nice to feel positive about it.


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