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Friday, December 01, 2006

town meeting

I spent yesterday afternoon hanging up Christmas lights around my living room and trying to figure out how to hang 9 ft of fake pine. The locos came over and were listening to music while I was hanging up the lights. My stomach began to hurt so I went to my bed for a short time to lie down. I went back to hanging up my lights and then all of them storm out of the house and slam the door.


I decide not to sweat over it, maybe they were fighting with each other and left to take care of it outside. I continue to work on the lights and they come back. As I’m on the ladder, I see them carrying all the chairs in my house and placing them in a circle around my “couch” (it’s hard to explain). They ask me to sit down. I sit.

-Cati, you have changed since coming back from the U.S. in August.
-You used to play with us, you used to talk to us and now it’s different.
-You’re more stand-offish.
-Funny, because I feel like we have more trust now than before.
-That’s true…but we still feel like you don’t like as much anymore. Has anyone said anything to you?
-People always say things to me about you guys but those things never really mattered to me.
-Is that why you’re different?

This goes on for another minute or two.

-Have you guys thought about the big things that have changed since I came back from the states?
-Like what?
-Well, the Playstation is here now, I got cable, I brought back a computer. You guys would come here and play those things, so you can’t say to me that I have changed because you have too.


-She’s right, Williams says.

Then Williams goes on this rant to Brayan about how all he does is sit and stare in front of the television, which made me laugh because Williams’ Spanish is pretty hilarious when he’s mad.

I was so satisfied that I finally outsmarted them that I continued ranting about the things that made me crazy. I went into them stealing my food, going through my stuff, making calls on my phone…it was just so great to get it all out in the open and let them know that I am going to be less of a pushover this following year.

In the end, we “hugged it out” like Jermey Piven’s character on Entourage would say.


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