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Saturday, October 01, 2005

what training is like right now

I have tested into an Intermediate Spanish class. Our classes are broken up into very small groups. There are only 2 other people in my class, which means that I am FORCED to talk. It's a good thing given that I understand Spanish very well because I speak like a 6 year old. This past week we have talked about school, where we're from, what we're wearing, our families (in the U.S. and Santa Lucia), our projects, customs/greetings in Honduras, and past times. Right now, we're reviewing the preterite and imperfect tenses (both past tense), which I have always had problems with, but now I'm feeling better about. It can be frustrating sometimes because we have 4 hours of Spanish everyday and while I can understand, it is impossible for me to form full conversations.

As for technical training, I have had a lot of reading to do. We get tons of manuals and articles to read. As a youth development volunteer (YD), we focus on 3 aspects of YD, working with youth, working with the community, and teacher training. Starting next year in Honduras, all grammar schools will be required to teach English as a subject but many of the current teachers do not know how to teach English, so some PCVs will be assigned to teach English methodolgy to teachers here in Honduras. Otherwise, we are supposed to work in communities with 4-6 different counterparts, such as the Ministry of Education, teachers, or NGOs like Save the Childen or the Reiken foundation. We could help communities set up after school programs, start sports clubs, or hold charlas (small talks) on health, music, exercise, nutrition, HIV prevention, etc. The possibilities right now seem endless. I won't have a clear idea of what I am doing until I get my site assignment in 9 weeks.

In between all of that we get vaccinated. In the past 10 days, I have been vaccinated for measels, rabies, hepatitis A and B, polio, and typhoid. Six. And I have six to go, plus some blood work. I think the vaccines may be making me delirious because I was looking forward to my most recent ones (plus they get me out of Spanish class).

Speaking of health, almost 1/4 of my training class has been to the hospital in Teguc. Most of them have been due to stomach problems and adjusting to the food here. Luckily, I haven't been sick yet. Must be all that Mexican food I ate in Chicago. Let's hope I don't get sick.

As for email, I noticed that some of you have written me. Please be patient with me! The internet cafe is slow and I can't always open up my emails, but I know that you've sent something. So thanks and I will try to write!


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