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Friday, September 30, 2005

Santa Lucia, Honduras!!!

I am here! After a long but informative staging, I am actually in country. There are 35 of us in our group-about 15 are youth development, like me and the rest are municipal development. We left our hotel for the airport at 430 am (!) and we got into Miami around 11 am. From there, we took a VERY crowded 2 hour flight to Tegucigalpa (Teguc) which ended with a wild landing. It was pretty bumpy and the pilot had to use almost the entire runway to land. Everyone on the plane was clapping when we landed. We went through customs (a LONG process), were placed onto a yellow school bus, fed peanut butter and jelly sandwiches and departed for Santa Lucia.

Santa Lucia is a town 18 km from Teguc, but is in the mountains so it is cool here. It is a colonial town so a lot of the streets are made of cobblestone. I live in a modern house in a neighborhood called "El Portillo", which is about a 20 min. walk from the training center. The only problem with where I live is that I am far from other trainees and the center of the town, so it is hard to spend time with them because the sun sets around 6 pm and I don't want to walk home alone at night. I have 2 sisters, Rina Maria, 17 and Naomy, 12 and a brother, Donaldo, 16. There is also a dog, Yiker, who is about the cutest thing I've ever seen. My mom, Rina Yanet, works for a NGO in Teguc. I have my own room and my window looks right into the mountains. I can't believe how I've lived w/o a mountain backdrop for so long. I have electricity, a flushing toilet (yea!), a working shower, and bottled water to drink. I make 48 lempiras (lps) a day, which is about 2.60 US. The internet cafe costs 25 lps/hr, which is super cheap compared to the US, but that's half of my allowance. Internet serices are very slow, so I'm not sure how ofter I can blog. I'm sorry that it's taken me so long to do so already! I haven't forgotten about you!!!! I will try to blog once a week. I hope everyone is doing well and don't forget to write!

I miss you!!!

And by the way, I started my malaria medication last week. I take Aralen once a week. From this point forward, my Thurdays will be known as Malaria Thursdays...but I haven't had any crazy or even overly vivid dreams yet!