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Tuesday, September 20, 2005

dick cheney's america

I am in Washington! I have just finished my two-ish days of staging and will be leaving for Tegucigalpa at 4 am tomorrow! Staging was not bad. I got to meet a lot of new people, many of whom I will be working with in Honduras. We were also mixed with a group from El Salvador which made our group 65 people (a lot for one trainer).

Yesterday, feeling incredibly tired and sad about leaving everyone and everything, I began to feel extremely homesick but I know that this is all part of the experience. The highs will be very high, but the lows will be very low too. I know that once I am in country I will be more excited and energetic because I can meet my host family and I'll be there!

One side note, I wrote earlier that my training was going to be in Siguatepeque but that has changed. I will be training in Santa Lucia, a town 20 km from the capital. It's kind of weird. My schedule kind of is set up like so:

Training in Santa Lucia: 5 weeks
Field Based Training in Siguatepeque: 4 weeks
Training in Santa Lucia: 2 weeks

I'll let you know how things are once I get down there. Take care!


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