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Saturday, October 29, 2005

clique-y, clique-y!

Remember high school and the groups that would naturally form cliques? That´s kind of what training is like. But maybe the cliques are a little more advanced. There is the obvious split: YD vs. Muni-D. This is natural because we spend most afternoons together and have gotten to know more about each other. Now there are your more common groups: the jocks (or runners) and the smokers.

And then there are the complicated ones:
-the ones who live in the same neighborhood
-the ones that have bonded over not wanting to gain weight
-the ones that have bonded over lack of veggies and wanting veggies
-the ones who have cell phones
-the ones who have met the Canadian girl in Santa Lucia (really!)
-the ones who have bonded over alcohol
-the ones that have the same Spanish class together
-the ones that live on the right side of Santa Lucia, few and far (me)

Crazy huh?
Someone should do a sociology study on these groups. Sometimes training is like high school-full of gossip, we have homework, we bring our lunches with us, classes we love and hate, instructors that we love and hate, and competition. It´s a crazy time but I love it!


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