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Sunday, October 23, 2005

the almighty Lempira

I went to the mall with my family yesterday. We went into this department store called Mendel´s to look around. My mom said, "We´ll just look at the prices because they´re so expensive". It´s hard not to think like a person from the States sometimes. A denim jacket costs 225 lempiras about $12!!! Jeans cost 175 lps. about $9.50. I would love to find jeans in the US for $9.50! But when I think 175 lps., well, that´s a lot. I make about $80 a month. Last week, I spent almost $25 on postcards and stamps alone. It´s hard to think in Lempiras bceause I always think in dollars too. But my salary is in lempiras, not dollars. So I think, is a box of cereal worth 68 lempiras? (yes) Or 55 on a jar of peanut butter? (not if it gets stolen) How about 95 on a bottle of mouthwash? When I start my volunteer service in December, I´ll make about $190 a month.
Watch me blow it on Golden Grahams and soy milk!


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