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Sunday, October 23, 2005

I´m not the AIDS educator, I just have the condoms

Last week we had a cross project feria which meant #1: we learned a lot about other projects like health, protected areas management, and municipal development. #2: it was a day of nothing-no Spanish class, no responsibility. For YD we did a bunch of icebreakers in between our lectures to help keep people interested-one of the icebreakers was playing "telephone"-where one person starts a message, then it is whispered along until the end to see if the message had changed. The starting message for my group was "I thought they´d teach AIDS education as a course" and ended up as the title of my blog. Crazy isn´t it how things can change. The rest of the day was filled with lectures on harassement and a lecture on Honduras politics from someone who is running for Congress in Francisco Morazan. Was it interesting? I don´t know-maybe if she didn´t promote her party the whole 2 hours, I could have learned something and paid more attention. It was a little frustrating.

To help me get through it, I just kept thinking, "I´m not the AIDS educator, I just have the condoms".


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