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Saturday, January 13, 2007

blue monday

The doctor advised that I stay in Santa Rosa in case my fever went up again. I spent the weekend at the PC house and left Monday morning. I wanted to get back to San Ramón early because I was waiting for a box to arrive from my parents and the company called me and told me that it was going to arrive Monday. After a semi-late start (there is no other kind in Honduras), I got in a jalón that was headed towards the road to San Ramón (my buses don’t leave Santa Rosa until 11 am). Keep in mind that I just came from a hospital stay and was carrying a lot of stuff with me. And since I had time in Santa Rosa, I baked my birthday cake early to bring it back and freeze it until the 10th. I got in another jalón on the road to San Ramón and start chatting with the woman who’s riding with me. She brought up how horrible the road up the mountain is and I said, “I know. Thank goodness it’s not raining.”

Less than 5 minutes later it began to pour.

I was still in this jalón, covering my head the best I could and trying to stand over the cake so it doesn’t get ruined. The rain lets up after a few minutes and a few minutes later, the driver parked his car at his house in Pinabetal (a town about 25 minutes by car from San Ramón). I grabbed my stuff and started walking. I checked in on the cake and it was all good. Another jalón came by, picked me up and dropped me off in Lajitas (20 min). I sat on this log bench waiting for another jalón and it started to rain hard again. I took all my stuff and put it under the bench and I got a text message. As I was writing a message back, I had failed to notice the dog that passed by. When I turned around, I see the dog’s head under the bench eating my cake! Since it was a lost cause by then I just watched this dog eat the whole thing thinking how hilarious life can be at times.

“Good stuff, huh?”, I say to the dog.

I waited and waited but no jalón ever came through and while the distance is walk able, it is not walk able in the rain. The bus came around 1230 and got on. I saw someone from my town and he asked where I had been the past several days. I told him that I was in the hospital and he said,

“Well that’s good.”

That was not a lost in translation moment. It was a simple question he asked and I just said that I was in the hospital. So I just kind of shrugged my shoulders and didn’t say anything else.

Finally, finally I got to San Ramón. And you know what? The box didn’t end up coming.



  • At 3:36 PM, Blogger *** said…

    that dog was a representing on behalf of us, as you know that it is impossible to eat cake if we are not arround... maybe we can make up for it with some pinquinos in santa lucia next week....

  • At 5:09 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said…

    Changed is the scene: the peace
    And regal splendor which
    Onne that city knew are gone,
    and war now reigns upon
    That throng, who but
    A week ago were all
    Intent on joy supreme.
    Cries of the wounded break
    The stillness of the night,
    Or challenge of the guard.
    The Spaniard many days
    Besieged within the place,
    Where kings did rule of old,
    Now pressed by hunger by
    The all-relentless foe,
    Looks for some channel of
    Escape. The night is dar;
    Black clouds obscure the sky--
    A dead calm lies o'er all.
    The heart of one is firm,
    His mind is constant still,
    To al, hjis word is law,
    Cortes his plan hath made,
    The time hath come. Each one
    His chosen place now takes,
    There waits the signal, that
    Will start the long retreat.



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