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Thursday, May 11, 2006

wasting my time in the waiting line

Cultural night was pretty horrible. It was just a combination of:
1. Lip-synching. It's alright if you're going to dance along but slow Spanish ballads are the worst to sit through.
2. Drunken idiots. The people behing me were making catcalls (not at me), yelling, and throwing bottles.
3. With the exception of Brayan's danza, the rest of the performaces were disorganized.
4. I was having one of those "Peace Corps Moments" in which I felt absolutely alone. From time to time, I experience them. I think of them like migrane headaches--you never know when they'll hit, when they do there's no stopping them and they hurt like hell. I think it was because I wasn't sitting next to anyone I knew.

Sunday was better. I went to my host family's house, helped make a piñata for Ramon's birthday the next day and chilled with los locos. Later on I went down to the church with my neighbor Sandra to see the feria, which was 3 booths set up in front of the church--they did have an actual roulette wheel where you could bet but I wasn't feeling lucky.

Monday was the actual feria. It was also Ramon's 8th birthday. He came to my house after lunch and told me to come to the house for his party at 4 pm. I asked, "4pm for real or 4 pm Honduran time?" He said 4 pm for real. I left my house at 420 pm to realize that the party wouldn't start for another hour so I went down to the "town hall" to see how the set up was coming along for the crowning later that night and talked to some teachers for awhile. At 520, a messenger was sent to me informing me that I had to go back to my host family's house because the party was about to begin. At 6, the party began with the piñata that no one could break so Luis just ripped it open and the mad rush for the candy began. We ate, a video was made for Ramon's mom in the U.S. and while I was told that there would be cake, I did not see one present (big disappointment). I left the party at 7 to shower and change for the crowning/dance. I left with Sandra at 815 for a celebration that was supposed to begin at 7, but didn't start until 930 (there was no crown, there were no flower girls, the kid attendees to the queen were fighting, etc). Yajaira the First was crowned (she really was referred to as "The First") and after the town hall became a discotech, which was really cool. Since there's no discotech in San Ramón, almost everyone came out to dance. Professor McGuapo told me, "In parties like these, you will enter dancing and leave dancing", which wasn't far from the truth. I danced with one teacher that supposedly has a crush on me (though I don't believe it) and that started a whole mess of rumors the next day. It was so much fun though and Sandra and I didn't leave until 3 am and even at that time, it was still pretty crowded.

Foolishy, there were classes held the following day and about half the students didn't show up because they were worn out. Everyone that did show up were walking around exhausted.


  • At 6:56 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said…

    sounds like a good time. why wouldn't people make cat-calls at you? wouldn't be any rumors or rumors of crushes if there wasn't any reason.:) have fun at the capitol, don't party or drink...

    too much. ¿entiendes?


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