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Saturday, April 22, 2006

lost in translation

That wonderful Kristofer Bayona surprised me with a phone call yesterday. He is the first successful person to call and not get my voicemail. My brothers were over and here is how the conversation with Kris went:

Me: Kris?! I can't believe you called me.
Kris: How are you Kathryn?
Me: Good. How are you?
Brayan (in the background): Hello! Hello! Cat , Dog!
Kris: I'm good. I finally found a phone card that works. But I only have 5 minutes.
Brayan: Yes. Yes. I espeak English. (saying it in my face while I'm on the phone)
Me (to Brayan): Stop! I'm on the phone! (in English though)
Brayan and Kris: What?
Me (to Brayan): Dude I'm on the phone. Stop making me laugh. (In Spanish though)
Kris: Hello?
Me: (laughing) I'm sorry Kris. I'm just so confused.
William: Hello my name is William.
Luis: Son of a bitch! Hello! What?
Brayan: Chicken! Oh no!

And it continues on like that for the 5 minutes. I was so happy to talk to Kris except I didn't really get to talk to him because los locos (the boys) wanted to hear me speak English and kept shouting out words in English. Telling them to be quiet in Spanish, talking to Kris, and laughing was a disasterous combination. My mind was so busy trying to process all this information at once in both languages. It was funny though.

And Baby B-you're a sweetheart. I really appreciated the phone call.


  • At 9:25 AM, Blogger Joseph Bergstrom said…

    hey Kathryn, sweet blog but it isn't myspace. Come to the dark side Jamie and I will see you there. Let all the people from your past that you want to keep in your past find out about all the wonderful things you're doing. alright alright

  • At 11:20 PM, Blogger Tony Akins said…

    Sod to those myspace wankers, Cat. Stay here.
    I'm so honored that I got a call from K! Sorry I wasn't around for the call. Good to hear your voice when you're not blaming me for some disaster Brunei or China (that's next week).
    I'll resist the temptation to tell you scary stories, though (for today).
    Be well and safe and nice to the ghost of that murdered phalanderer!

  • At 9:20 AM, Blogger Tony Akins said…

    HA! Seems I was commenting in the wrong blog entry ("the mystery of faith"). Now it just looks like I'm mocking religion...I'm going to Hell, now.


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