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Thursday, May 11, 2006


Here's another list of little things that I can't really theme into a full blog:

-"Summer Splash" scented Off not only works as bug repellent but doubles as ghetto fabulous perfume.
-There is a bat living in my kitchen which has helped me learn the Spanish for vampire, Dracula, to suck blood, and bat.
-Professor McGuapo got married two weeks ago--I went to the wedding and wept as another one bit the dust. j/k
-High school is high school whether you're in a town of 550 or a city of 3 million. Teens still pass notes, talk crap, roll their eyes, cry in class, and start rumors.
-The more people get to know me, the more rumors circulate about me. "La Cati drove the bus to Santa Rosa" "La Cati is dating 3 teachers" "La Cati is taking me to the U.S. mojado"
-Since people know I have a digital camera they have been bringing their babies to the house so I can photograph them, they pay for the pictures of course, but I am no Michael Vázquez, super talented photographer, but I do the best that I can.
-"How do you say my name in English?" is a favorite game for kids under 10.
-Running late is one of the worst habits I am picking up.
-My latest Aralen dreams involve me standing in line at Starbucks...not as exciting as they used to be.
-Being sick in a foreign country is horrible because all I want is to curl up in my bed at home while my mom makes me pre-packaged chicken soup. No matter how hard I try, it never tastes as good as when she makes it. Plus, the mind does crazy things when you're alone with a fever.


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