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Thursday, February 15, 2007

one more time

School ‘started’ Monday with some of the same old tricks. For the first time in a long, long time, I arrived early to colegio only to see all the students hanging outside the school. As I get closer to the colegio, I notice that the gate to enter is locked and the director is nowhere to be found. Class normally starts at 725 am…the sub director arrives around 830 and ‘classes’ begin at 900, which is to say that the students spent the morning cleaning their classrooms and bringing in desks, while the teachers were busy registering students for the school year. At the ‘end of the day’ (1130), the sub director announces that there won’t be classes officially until Thursday so that students can register, make up exams from last year and the teachers can get organized.

Tuesday, the director shows up and when I arrive, he tells me to start clearing out the library because it is moving back to its’ original spot…!!!!! Really?!

Sort of. We move to the original building but end up splitting the room…half library/half teachers lounge. Basically, we have the same amount of space but we’re in the original room built for the library. Why? So the director/sub director can move their desks into what was the old library and have their own space. Also, if my project manager were to say something about the situation, the director could counter with ‘Well, it’s in its’ original spot, right?’ (He has a point, I suppose.) I’m not complaining though because now the library is with all the teachers that I get along with which means making faces at Oscar & Juvini all day (real mature, I know).

To keep it on a positive note, it is one step closer to being how it once was and it only took a year to get there. Maybe by next year, the whole building will be the library that it was originally planned to be…


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