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Tuesday, December 20, 2005

sassy molassy

La Esperanza was really fun and I´m really glad that I went out but coming home was a nightmare. I took 3 buses: La Esperanza-San Pedro Sula, San Pedro-Santa Rosa, Santa Rosa-San Ramon. I left La Esperanza at 4 am. I got to San Ramon at 3:30 pm. The last 2 buses were filled with people. Each seat had 3 people and the aisle was packed too. On the last bus, someone had purchased fresh cheese and the "water" was dripping all over me (because she didn´t want to carry it and put it overhead). I was tired, crabby, and overly cynical or "sassy molassy", as another volunteer Nick likes to call me. It´s just part of the PC experience I suppose and I´ll be an expert in bus travel in no time, right? And after a long shower I felt much better.

Back in site has been alright. I spent today walking up the mountain to see the other houses in my town and to make my own community map. When I passed the centro de salud, my future home, I ran past because I didn´t want to talk to the workers today. It was slow there and they may have wanted me to start talking to them about charlas in the future. I just didn´t feel like doing that today (or ever) so I ran. Great start to PC service, right? I just think of it more as a typical Kathryn move.

Other than that, I have watched the movie "Mortal Kombat:Annhilation" 4 times since Thursday. My family really loves that movie. There are no subtitles in Spanish so I have been asked, "What does Mortal Kombat mean?"

Still trying to get a good translation on that....


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