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Sunday, July 22, 2007

in deep

I went to visit my friends Crystal and Simon last week and they took us on a morning trip to Pulhapanzak, a waterfall in Honduras. You can tour the waterfall with a guide but the guy was asking us for $5 a person (about 100 lempira). Five dollars isn’t much when you think about it but…

1. He asked for $5, not lempira.
2. Crystal and Simon paid 50 lempira the last time they were there.
3. There was a huge group of missionaries from the U.S. there and they were going to pay the $5.
4. A local would pay 50 lempira and since I am paid as a local, theoretically I should be charged as one as well.

We argued with him for about 5 minutes and I got pretty sassy with him asking why he was charging us more if people have paid less and why were there no other guides that day. Eventually, we got him down to 50 lempira and went on the tour. It was pretty cool. We went under the waterfall and into caves that were behind it. I was pretty nervous, especially considering that if I slipped on one of the rocks, the guide probably wouldn’t save me because I got so sassy with him, but more so because I have a fear of deep water and am not a strong swimmer (I need to sign up for swimming lessons as soon as I get back, I am excited to have my swimming skills be compared to that of a 7 year old). But I survived the tour and it was great. Exhilarating actually…having thousands of gallons of water rush down on you every second and being almost blinded by the water pressure really got the adrenaline running. I have to agree when people say “You feel more alive when you are aware of death” because while I was frightened, I felt so alive and energized after.


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    Swimming lessons...reminds me of Chase Park...


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