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Saturday, March 04, 2006

its the little things that make up life

Here are some little things that don't really fit into a themed blog about life in general:
-When playing Monopoly with kids younger than 10, you will make it around the board once before they start throwing houses at each other and want to buy St. James Place for 10 dollars
-I was on a packed Sunday bus a few weeks ago. My buses are school buses that in the U.S. would seat two, in Honduras, they seat 3-6 (kids sitting on laps of laps). The aisle was packed so a drunk on the bus decided to lie down in the aisle to "make space".
-Living alone in Honduras is "sad and pathetic" and people make it a point to be at my house as much as possible.
-Telling kids that they have to leave my house because I have work to do doesn't mean anything to them. I have to say that I'm studying otherwise they won't leave.
-Even then, only 40% of the time do they acutally get up and leave. Usually I have to ignore them when they run and hide (because they think it's cute) before they get the idea.
-Only when kids hands are dirty do they feel the need to touch my walls.
-Roosters like to crow at 12:40 am because it's fun.
-The idea of a library in San Ramon works better than the actual library. A lot of the teachers are claiming that the books belong to them so they should check them out "pemanently".
-Being an only child never prepared me for how much I would actually miss my host brothers. They don't come over often because they get annoyed by the kids that are always at my house.
-My Aralen dreams are so vivid and crazy that I wake up more tired than when I first went to sleep.
-It is considered strange that a 25 year old likes cartoons-because I have a dancing Homer, a Simpsons calendar and a Justice League bathroom set


  • At 2:41 AM, Blogger Adrianna said…

    It's these observations about daily life of a PC volunteer that make reading blogs really interesting.

    Good entry :)


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