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Wednesday, July 20, 2005

From Dominican Republic to Banana Republic?

Ok, so I received my invite on July 15th to Dominican Republic. I was so excited. I was afraid that I was going to be sent to a central asian country where I didn't know the language or anything about the country. I began thinking of Carribean Spanish, getting more warm weather clothing, getting used to listening to merengue (and reggaeton) 24/7. I was assigned to a Youth Development program leaving Sept. 5th, however....

I get a call on Monday from my placement officer stating that I need to call her ASAP because there had been "a significant change to the program". When I called, she told me that the program is being cancelled and that I will have to be transferred to another country (oh no, I'm getting sent to central asia...). But she told me that I would be going to Honduras (also known as the original banana republic), departing Sept. 19th as a youth developer. (More on my assignment later.) This was great news because I could still learn and practice Spanish, work with kids, and I would have an extra 2 weeks to get all my things in order.

So I am calling to accept the position today. I will be leaving for Hounduras on Sept 19th, I hope!


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